Solving it

I think I’m obsessed with human reality. I want it so bad to be great.

I believe that we can solve so much and turn around so much previously done. To do so, we need to be extremely real. It is non-negotiable.

Time. Time is the thing running out. Time is against us. When Kap kneels in 2016 and that it takes four long years for the NBA to kind of do the same thing, after stopping the season and restarting it, we lose a tremendous opportunity to make a change. We lost time and we must not. Maybe in those four years, after Kap and all black sports men and women had stopped working, something would have happened and stopped police from killing more folks. Jacob could be walking right now. It could have happened, if sustained effort had occurred. We celebrate John Lewis but we should be scared and contemplative of how much sacrifice he had to go through to be part of a change that happened. We’re nowhere near this kind of dedication yet we want the same results, in a world that resists so much to include us.

I’m obsessed with solving issues. I want to see the people who look like me simply be, without anything looming. I want my skin to be unaware of any kind of possible trauma in the now or in the future. I want to be with her, knowing we’d have no problem to build a home besides building it. I want this soothing feeling of calm and complete absence of stress that my white parents have had for their entire life.

I just want it for the rest of mine. And yours.

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