Fur and Coffee

I’m heavy on routines. Animals enjoy them a lot as well. After lunch, I digest cruising the streets. After skating until I’m sweaty, usually 25-30mn, I stop and get my coffee to go sit on the curb to grab some vitamin D in the back (yes, we really can use vitamin D these days).

The cat started to show up between my legs. He uses me as an umbrella while I massage his neck. Then he does barrel rolls on the ground, stretching and getting his belly rubbed. Then he smells my coffee, looks around, chilling. No claws ever felt in my flesh, a first for me.

He runs to meet me there now, meowing and shit.

I used to suck at cats but I do well with this one. It’s just that I often feed him, that’s all.

The neighbor just got a puppy though. O M G. I can’t. He’s hilarious and of course freaking adorable. We made contact today and I might have been laying on the ground to make him come to me to sniff me and wag his tail in excitement. He did. And then he run after the cat, who was looking at me like “bro this year is so, so bizarre”  from the top of the stairs, where the puppy can’t go.

Anyway, fellas? Let’s cuddle tomorrow.

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