I think that’s amazing how

Lil miss Flint, a teenager, loves skateboarding and anime.

This weekend someone in his 50s (my man said in a LA Times interview that he’s 37… My bad bro!) went viral riding his skateboarding while drinking juice and singing.

I’m the same and I consume skateboarding and anime too, tf?

I think it’s fabulous how culture kind of stopped moving in the past 40 years. Things just stabilized. Skateboarding, anime, video games or vibin’ to music are just as good, as wholesome, as liberating in 1981 as they are in 2020. Your age doesn’t mean what it used to. You simply enjoy activities, and smile!

It might be the first time in human history that multiple generations embrace the same hobbies on a global scale, for decades on in.

I’m in the middle of that quiet revolution and lovin’ it.

Keep being unbothered, y’all.

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