I think we should break up

I can’t. This video has always provided so much joy to me.

The way the girls try him, already laughing.

The way this young man lies like a certified™, OG™, legit™, grown mf.

The way his ex says “oh really?” while her friend’s already cracking up at how he’s hiding the pain.

The way he acts like he’s not hurt but he fucking is, as hell (maybe not? I think he is but either way, it’s hilarious).

The way he burns everyone down with a fuck thrower.

The way he looks at the room before sniping one last soul.

The way Crystal gets some without having NOTHING to do with this.

The way the girls are HYSTERICAL makes me HYSTERICAL. The purest, excited, laughter.

The way we never see them but only his bold ass.

The way this kid reminds me of me as a kid. I’d “reject” your breakup too. Except I’d cry like a bitch and write poems.

The way this early dating stuff happens is so quite universal. I feel like I’ve seen this before.

How everything is so perfectly delivered. It’s pure wholesomeness. I can’t.

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