Get on the open web, sweetie

Dude, get on the open web asap.

Because of the pandemic I see talk about social media’s saturation more than ever. People absolutely hating Insta yet “having to” be there. The UI/UX redesign bull’ every now and then. Twitter Facebook and YouTube being instruments of mass “rewiring”. The conspiracies, documentaries about social media showing how gross this entire social media thing is, the censorship, etc.

We need a solution.

I see a lot of laughs about the idea of going back to the open web, where I post this. “No one will be back, good luck!”

Well there’s this thing that I thought would absolutely never come back and totally did: vinyl records.

What would prevent people to have url links on their phone homescreens? Go check that blog that provides some perspective, once a week. This other one every two days. Do you, break from the algo.

What would prevent people to subscribe to blogs (here’s mine) with their feed readers like it’s 2010? Nothing. Nothing at all. Everything works just as before if not better, considering how much more powerful our devices are today.

Newsletters? I don’t think email is great to receive periodic content. It’s a communication tool, after all. But there’s this option too.

Anyway, do you know why you’re supposed to be on the open web instead of billionaires’ soul-sucking, greedy ass networks?

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