Merry Xmas

It was a beautiful Christmas, probably the best looking one I had ever been part of.

My grandmother had everything set up and out: fancy food, fancy cutlery, fancy everything. We’re all dressed up. We arrive on the Eve and everything is peaceful.

I get a RC car on the 25th. And it says on the box “use turbo to go up to 21mph!’’

I ask dad “that’s pretty fast, right?” and he answers, super matter of factly “yes, that speed would allow you to go through a wall” and I’m like “not with this car, right?” and he says, drinking his wine, “uh with this car yes”.

I ponder. I visualize. I run simulations in my head and of course when no one is looking, I run my RC car into the wall to see. Nothing. It just bumps out and loses momentum. At some point my dad sees me persevere and says something like “don’t do that please tf?” and I’m thinking “I’m running serious EXPERIMENTS HERE help me out instead of shutting down the lab.”

It made me realize that walls are pretty strong. One does not simply go through a wall. That 21mph is not really fast and that if you want to go through a wall at that speed, you need some serious weight. Something a RC car doesn’t have.

I don’t know how long it took me to realize that but probably a few weeks or so and the conversation about going through a wall at 21mph rose up again. Dad was like “oh yeah, I meant with a real car”.

This was the first time that this meme –even though I didn’t know it at that time, showed up in my mind:

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