A lot has happened since my last post. Yet nothing has changed. Always weird to experience.

I moved out and moved into a great little place, around where I wanted to live. I texted my friend about it and he said “bro, I was about to get rid of my couch” which I love and will get for free in the next couple weeks. *alignments*

It was emotionally taxing to look for a place in the middle of Christmas and NYE at the end of a global pandemic year. I never ever want to do this ever again. My realtor came through, though. I thank you so much.

I can’t stop thinking about two things right now:

– People with good internet connections:

They are in their own worlds for months. I imagine a 20 year old watching the news, booting up his console and about to dive for 8 hours in a virtual world, chatting with his friends. They’re disconnected from reality with such powerful and compelling entertainment (from raiding Destiny to binge-watching Netflix) that I keep wondering how reality looks after months, years of heavy online habits. It probably looks strange and unattractive, yet it does matter more than anything on your screen and always will. It’s interesting.

– People with bad internet connections:

Well I’m I’ve been temporarily in this situation and it’s clear that the past ten years of web development habits (fancy UI stuff, un-optimized JS slug fest ) have created a new classism: if your internet is bad, you can’t load anything from the browser, you need to use a phone and apps. The problem is, they’re not the best for many things we do online especially with work and files. It shows in this WFH paradigm.

This is where the 2000s internet shines: native software connecting to the outside is a lot more resilient and can survive a bad connection. For instance, if you try to load up a pdf in a browser on a bad connection, it usually fails. Try to download it and it will. You can then read it locally without issues. RSS is far more resilient than any social media. And not manipulative. But ANYWAY

Keep staying safe in 2021.

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