Insecure, the show, is about to end with its latest season, season 5.

I think that’s a good run. Five seasons is a good amount.

Season 1 was great, funny, witty, I couldn’t get enough of it.

Season 2 starts great and then I feel like the sex themes were not on part with Issa’s sarcastic and hilarious tone that she has all through the first season. Kelli is funny AF though.

Season 3 goes a little bit in all directions at the same time. The original tone is not there as much, but it’s still enjoyable and cute.

Season 4 was refreshing, with a very nice little arc between Issa and Molly. It’s a calm season and it fit 2020 perfectly, I think.

For season 5 I hope they hose us with creative juice. Fuck it up, Issa. End your show with some animated movie, a bit like in Better Off Dead. Or music video ultra fast cuts in one episode. Girl go surrealist.

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