UBI can save lives too

Considering the news, UBI (Universal Basic Income) would have saved lives.

Sex workers do sex work because they have to. It pays enough to pay bills, compared to this outrageous hourly rate from $7 in Texas to a paltry $15 at best for so many jobs, none allowing you to house yourself and cover your needs.

So sex work it is. With UBI though, most would stop doing it and would be better off. Dudes would have to find solutions in themselves instead of driving to the next massage spa because those wouldn’t exist.

I know most of those women would flourish. They would save up money, send their kids wherever they need to be send if they have some. They would create companies that take care of stuff around. They would provide to society, just like they are now, only better.

I’m a realist dreamer and I hate seeing that just a little adjustment in how we live and BOOM, things are insanely better. And people don’t die abruptly, for no reason. I like that.

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