Nothing lasts head ass

“Nothing lasts forever”

Oh really? Who said that, Pinocchio? Things can last forever if you let them.

The Eiffel tower. You think it was supposed to last? It was not. Gustave Eiffel initially wanted to destroy it after 20 years. THIS SHIT IS 132 YEARS OLD. Sounds like forever to me.

There’s this house in Japan, made of hemp. It was built in 1698, 323 years ago. Sounds like fucking forever to me.

The oak tree at my parents’ house is 300+ years old. That’s basically being immortal. It’s just a tree telling you that “nothing lasts forever, huh? Watch MAY”. And it is right. That tree is SO right.

Do you know for how long billionaires have money for? Forever. Their entire lifetime times 3, 4, 5. That’s forever money, honey (and that’s fucking stupid, share it you raggedy bitch).

Do you know for how long that ultra popular song is going to be so dope for? That is correct. Forevah.

People who say nothing lasts forever as an end to everything, don’t want to put some mfing work or are basking in entitlement, that’s all.

Making things last forever is dedication and work. And then things quite literally last forever. And it is the most beautiful thing in the world (the Eiffel tower wouldn’t be as iconic if it was just pictures and films today, would it?).

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