Successful life’s maps and charts

Saw that on the Digital Cigarette called Twitter:

Right? But I’d go further actually. The common measure of success is basically, in a chart, this:

You make more money and the more you make, the more “successful” you are. Even though we have countless situations reminding us that while money is important, being successful is something else. The fallacy is that at some point the more money you make, the less you live. The other fallacy is to think that large amounts of money will completely change your life. Beloved, millionaires are like you on a Sunday afternoon: in the kitchen, talking shit, bored and scrolling their phones. Also does anyone REALLY care about their job title like that?

This is roughly how I see it. You want to stay as close as possible to the top of those five corners. Either by pushing (getting more skills/money) or pulling (keeping your health and good habits together). I think they’re all fundamental to a good life. Which I believe is to be successful, whatever scale you’re using.

(yes, the New shit to Learn decreases and then comes back up because there’s always something new to learn in life, always)

For instance having all the money and no skills will make you depressed and vile. Having zero money and all the good habits will not make you feel good. Having nothing to learn while having all the skills? Depressed. Obviously, having everything but good health will not make you happy either.

Success in life is a pie chart or a spider chart, it’s multi-dimensional and that’s not a way of seeing it, it’s the reality. Reducing it to a line chart and a one-dimensional perspective (MONNY) is a big mistake.

Don’t do it.

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