Pissed at H.E.R. (I’m not)

I really like this woman. Her voice, production choices, her writing skills, her musicianship, dope.

I love her Slide song, listening to it since last fall. She’s all  bluesy, poetic and stuff:

We should take a trip up to the moon
Get a room

Then YG comes up with:

I need a baecation
I need my bitch in an apron
Booty all out cookin’ bacon

This shit is infuriating to me. The lack of effort! The “crashing the dreamy vibe”. I hate it. Like, go for the sexual connotation but sprinkle some subtlety, goddamn. Let me try:

I need a baecation
You & I in da space station
We sure ain’t watching no Knicks
I’m eatin’ you bitin’ yo lip

I don’t know, something different that fits H.E.R. I’m available to ghostwrite if you need help y’all.

Sure, R&B is associated with Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop is dudes’ market and dudes’ market means Sexism Starter Kit (for fun!). It is the music industry. This is also why Chris Brown is on her album. Sigh.

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