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Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

Just a lil contemplative piano for you.

Sign O’

Thursday, April 1st, 2021

I don’t remember when the album came out. But I remember listening to the eponymous track.

It sounded so different. It sounded calm.

Every time I would wake up, 6:25am to catch the bus on time at 7:15am, the song was on the radio. Almost at the exact same time, right when I was opening my eyes, for a while.

Winter in Paris. Prince mutters things I don’t understand. And then the Stratocaster just slices through. Pure. Clean, like the cold and humid air outside. I’m still under the comforter and not ready to go brush my teeth. I enjoy his plaintive voice. I feel the spleen. I dig the funk. I’m excited by the production.

Incredibly timeless. It felt like it right then.

Sign o’ the times, mess with your mind.

Paul Jackson

Friday, March 19th, 2021

Has passed away. Damn.

He’s playing bass on everything Herbie Hancock created in the 70s, aka some of the greatest jazz funk ever produced. A wonderful bassist who didn’t like to play anything twice. Just constant improvisation or re-arranging the bass lines. Herbie talks about it in his autobiography, noticing that sometimes this was really annoying.

Nonetheless, rest in peace King.


Friday, March 12th, 2021

It’s a great article by Nelson George.

The core audience for most of hip-hop’s first thirty years, both white and black, were in deeply invested in an vision of “keepin’ it real” authenticity that valued a ghettocentric version of American life.

Very true. Which would make me uncomfortable with my white friends in France, so into KRS-ONE and Dr OCTAGON. The complete embrace of Black American Man’s Life lyrics seemed odd to me. True, I was into metal at that time but that’s the thing: I was into the sound, not the lifestyle or trying to be part to it. I was into the heaviness of those guitars and the fact that the more groove in the sound, the better, didn’t make me feel like appropriating. I felt doing my own thing rather than joining a culture. I felt like making up my own hybrid strain through a mix of genres.

In fact some of the most progressive forces in today’s hip-hop are more likely as influenced by Radiohead’s textures than the Bomb Squad’s block rocking beats.

Lyricism is really were things are lacking these days. Although, I really enjoy Kodak Black. He has some rather smart lines. Tyler has become so great at opening up and be who he is now.

Later Prince, Cameo and Jermaine Jackson were amongst the many black ‘80s acts to have hits by adapting the keyboard sounds, melodic ideas, and vocal arrangements of new wave bands. I guess that was all “appropriation” if you wanna make it a negative.

Well the thing is they appropriated a sound, not a genre of music. Early 80s were all about dramatically cut down production to have a very minimal, “cold” sound after the luscious 70s, right? It felt and feels more like an extension than appropriation to me. They built on top of that and created new music, 80s funk music with very distinct flavors. It is also a “going forward” type of appropriation.

The thing about Mars and Silk Sonic is that they sound like something else, and from the past. It feels a little bit more disingenuous.

But Bruno Mars is not stealing “our” music. He wasn’t a parody of R&B or new jack swing. In fact he was one of the only people with a mass audience keeping these styles alive. Putting out a record celebrating funk in 2015 or new jack swing in 2017 were as far from a commercial slam dunk as one could get. Black folks, both as creators and customers crave innovation, invention and the constant shock of the new. It’s why black music has moved like a tractor through the cow pasture otherwise known as American culture. The search for new sounds have driven everything from bebop to trap.

I loved that funk he put out there. I remember driving on the 101, volume up. The 24K Magic single was dope. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wished someone else was singing. Or that the music wasn’t so predictable. It lacked a little 2010s twist or something. I love 80s music, I can listen to it right now! And that’s where Mars didn’t search for new sounds, he looked for comfort and the labels said “there’s something to tap in here, that nostalgia from a generation and nostalgic envy from that other generation” and that was it. That’s fine. But that’s not innovation.

I heard Silk Sonic for the first time on the radio this morning, and I couldn’t tell from when it was, although .paak’s voice gave me away that this was new. Yet old. It makes the music enjoyable, but doesn’t “wow” you like the first time you hear Cameo’s She’s Strange, Rae Sremmurd’s No Type or King’s The Story (or their entire album). Those truly innovated. Those hit different.

What I’d like is a late 70sFUNK-late 00sTRAP music blend with a duet between a man and a woman, singing and rapping about our current debt life, without name dropping tech brands or celebrities, while being uplifting.

Now, that would be the future to me.


Sunday, February 28th, 2021

As a music producer who grew up with their music in France, I have a different relationship with Daft Punk than most.

I thought they were outstanding music geniuses. They’re more likely just good music producers. And that’s fine.

Their first album was super fresh and raw. Like, we had never really heard anything like this before in the way that it was special, unique, yet fitting those eclectic musical times in electronic music: big beat, house, jungle were raging out in Europe. They became the French Touch ambassadors and whatnot.

THEN comes their best work, Discovery. That thing was everything I wanted to make and still is: a full Digital Electro Funk album with anime visuals. I’m still jealous. This shit was absolutely so perfect.

But then as a music producer, I did my research.

I realized that what I thought was the result of them jamming and sampling themselves, like they had mostly done on their first album, wasn’t.

I was particularly blown away by Digital Love and Harder, Better’s samples in the background, thinking Daft Punk had played and recorded that music. They had not, it was a straight forward loop of a George Duke’s intro and Edwin Birdsong’s groove. I felt bamboozled so damn hard.

Their next album Human After All, without the funky sampling, is without question the least inspired. The best track samples Breakwater, an 80s funk band.

Their last album Random Access Memory is clearly the work of Nile Rodgers and other black music producers. And ever since, they haven’t done anything as peculiar and lovely as Discovery. They disbanded last week.

The 90s were truly about music

Thursday, February 11th, 2021

Someone posted this on social media and I had almost forgotten how black audio equipment was and how much I lusted on it. From top to bottom: radio, cassette tape, amp, equalizer (!), compact discs.

In the same day I saw this tweet:

SHIT. THIS IS SO TRUE. EVERYTHING WAS ABOUT MUSIC. It was so important. Always checking the rock/metal aisles at the store almost every day, hanging out. Make sure to rewind side A for the walk to the bus. Batteries? Check. Equalizer killing the mids and boosting treble and bass? Double check. Checking parents’ vinyls and toying with them? Yup. Reading liner notes, day dreaming about the recording process. Trying to dress like that mofo on the back of that album. What kind of snare is this???

Grunge. Britpop. G-Funk. Trip Hop. Drum & Bass. Alternative Everything. Acid House. Thrash Metal. It’s like so many genres were created, birthed in the 80s and blossomed into very tasty music in the 90s.

Nothing was really about videos and shows, yet. That was entertainment. Music was culture.

Table of Content

Friday, February 5th, 2021

It’s Bandcamp Friday! So go to to buy my stuff, if you want to.

Now, it should be[artist name] and it should be like this for everything: tumblr, substack or medium or whatever. You know I’m right.

A long time ago humans decided to represent content following a tree metaphor:

     L branch

This is really neat and functional! We’ve used this from books to computer file systems. It works really well!

Then web engineers were like “how about we do the opposite but it’s actually the same lol”

         L root

We’ve been confused and annoyed ever since.

This is why I “hate” programming and programmers. The will to complicate things for no reason besides “we can do it!” has gotten on my nerves, especially when I see how much it gatekeeps people away from technology. No one likes dealing with nonsense.

Go get some music on Bandcamp though!

Cyber Rock

Sunday, October 25th, 2020

Naturally I worked for far too long on this one.

I’m making a 3 track EP around a cyber theme and this is the first one to come out. Trying to get the two others out before the end of the year.

2020 indie funk rock in the house…

Stay hydrated, wash your hands, pick up your mask off the ground. Be well. Keep moving.

Robert Glasper, HER, Meshell

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

I was trying to see if Meshell had turned her Insta back to public but it’s still private. So I clicked on the only link available on her page. I miss the stuff she shared. Books, artwork, quotes, music. I wish she had a Tumblr or a blog and had had one since forever.

Beautiful music. On repeat, of course.

If I was producing

Friday, May 22nd, 2020

If I was producing… is a 12 beat collection that I recently published. Check it out.

Beats are a special thing to create. As Prince said it, there’s joy in repetition. It’s particular to create something designed to loop. It’s a different challenge from composing a song. I love it.

This is a few years worth of beats I played with and couldn’t let go of. I decided to make a collection of them. And then, once they were finished earlier this week, I wondered who would spit on them. I also decided to make it a 50/50 men/women MCs because I wanted to. So yeah Bouncy is for Megan Thee Stallion. She’d tore that shit up with her deep, sexy ass voice. I think Kendrick’s screaming in the mic would make Brutally something brutaller. Crazy beat, I know. And so forth. Guru would’ve crushed it. I can’t even imagine Azelia Banks on Snakey. Pure madness.

You can also buy this little album and spit in your kitchen. Spit on the freeway. Spit during your workout. A few friends are already at it, what are you waiting for?


PS: next tracks are some electrorock and some cyberfunk. Stay tuned.