Really Simple Sweetie

Imagine an open version of Twitter or Facebook News Feed, with no psy-op ads, owned by no oligopoly, manipulated by no algorithm, and all under your full control.

Imagine a version of the newsletter where you don’t have to worry about them selling your email to scammers, labyrinth-like unsubscribe pages, or stuffing your inbox with ever more crap.

Now imagine this existed and was extremely popular 15 years ago. Then we got suckered by the shiny walled gardens.

Well, it’s time to make like a tree and go back to the future, baby!

This is the best RSS tutorial I’ve ever seen.

I urge you to get on this and quit social media. Get good reading on your terms, slowly curate your own content, and keep going.

My tip is don’t subscribe to news, ever. There’s just too much of it and you will feel overwhelmed, rightfully so.

Subscribe to topics and interesting websites and folks. Focus on subscribing to things making you feel good, think, relate, dream, etc. This will make you want to use your RSS app instead of dreading it. Don’t set your app everywhere, be chill about it. Open it every now and then, on one device only. It’s not a race. Take your time.

Control the narratives and energy flowing around you. Use RSS.

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