Blogs are to be consumed, not shared

I see a lot of conversations about social media, blogs, SEO, ads, RSS, etc.

My take is that a blog is meant to be consumed: read the post, gather your thoughts, digest it and make it your own to share with your people around you (or write a comment to the author). That’s what a blog post is for. It’s not about being at the top of search engines lists or being share 1.5K times, blogging is about to make you think, smile, see. Then you share that on your own, with your own friends and coworkers and whatnot. Whenever.

Say I write something about game audio. I don’t need the post to be shared on social media. I’m not trying to get attention, I’m trying to share my experience and reasoning. Take it and maybe in six months a conversation shows up and you think “that dude had a thoughtful post about this, let me paraphrase what he said to those folks here”. That’s being consumed.

And that’s what blogs are for.

Oh, and another thing: you are a grown person. You’re supposed to curate your own stuff. Losing your mind because you’re not getting an automatic, biased and convenient river of links and videos shows that you need to detox from Big Tech.

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