What is money

I mean,

If billions of dollars are spent on AR/VR for decades to show how no one is using it in 2021,

If a company with a failed AR set can still raise $500M in 2021,

If companies can hide billions of dollars in taxes all the time,

If hundreds of people playing games on camera are millionaires,

If the state of California hit by a pandemic, somehow ends up with a surplus of *checks notes* 24 to 75 billion dollars,

If people can pay millions of dollars for a .jpg file “certificate”,

If people can “invest” in crypto and get scammed in the millions of dollars range,

If Los Angeles still allocates $1.76B a year to police when crime is at its lowest in over 20 years,

If Panama and Pandora leaks demonstrate that most world leaders (often demanding austerity from us, citizens) are hiding staggering amounts of wealth all around the world,

What is money, and why are we acting like it’s part of the periodic table? It’s totally made up, foh.

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