Gawker is back

The Doesn’t Give A Damn blog is back. This is what I love to read online, short essays on everything and anything.

Dishwashers are lame

Thought process of a black kid with a black dad being a black cop

Things You Can’t Do in the Metaverse

The movie Ma and its significance for Black Women

Most People Shouldn’t Speak Aloud Until They Are 30

So on that last one. I think it’s true these days but not because of the internet itself, but because of its culture (and size): everything done on the internet today is done to kind of go viral. That’s the goal. So we exaggerate, make jokes all the time etc. And say stupid shit with millions of views in 2 hours. Oops. Back in the old days of 2005 you were not getting clout from cheap sarcasm, but from 4,000 words analysis. You might not even get clout at all, just page views and sadistic comments.

The point is, writing helps your thought process and at first you suck at both and then you get better. I think it’s good to start in your 20s. Start a private (or not) blog. Analyze what’s going on around you. Connect the dots. Write it down. It is a brain/memory workout and it is good for you.

Edit: Comment on the internet: And writing/editing helps to serialize your thought process.

Very much indeed. I have gotten sharper at analyzing things thanks to writing here. 100%.

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