Computers are so crazy these days.

It seems like we’re constantly telling them to NOT do something instead of having them just doing what we need them to do.

Constantly saying no to this, toggling that off, closing this pop up, thanks I didn’t need that at all but OK, etc.

It’s pure insanity right now. And, they crash or bug for no reason.

I have the weirdest lags and bugs with Windows 11 I’ve never had before. Windows 10 can’t stop updating all the freaking time and being weird about it. I read that dude’s comment the other day:

My MacBook Air M1 (Big Sur) has crashed twice when watching Netflix.

Both times it was when I moved my mouse after 20 minutes or so of watching fullscreen via my USB-C monitor in Safari.

This is a machine that starts at $1,000. And many more obscure stuff. That is so unacceptable, I don’t understand how companies get away with this.

In 2021 computers are far more powerful than anything previously available and behave worse than any computer around 2009-2012. We can’t blame the chip shortage for that.

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