The tweet is a lie

Twitter blocked my account for a tweet I did not make · Jacques Mattheij

“It certainly is worrisome, a lot of very powerful people use Twitter and I generally assume that what is written under their accounts really is written by them. Time to revisit that assumption, apparently.”

There’s just something about social media and smartphones hacking that is very worrisome: we do not know anything. Even very tech savvy folks don’t understand what’s going on.

I repeat: even programmers who know a computer far better than the average person, can’t control what apps are doing.

Pegasus is probably a lot bigger than what they try to tell us. There’s probably a Pegasus lite for “only” tracking and not having access to the whole phone. I can’t even imagine what Airtags and bluetooth hacks can bring up today. People share absolutely everything through everything (source: I do helpdesk in a public library).

Same with social media. We know social media companies are entirely ruthless when it comes to their users, stealing your account if they need to, for instance. And once again, those apps are on smartphones, have access to all kinds of personal stuff that they sell and make money off of.

Use laptops, get shit done and close all that. Yes, close your eyes too.

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