Vision Zero is trash

‘Vision Zero’ at a Crossroads as U.S. Traffic Death Rise – Bloomberg

They reduced my boulevard from two lanes to one lane+bike lane, and it’s been terrible.

I drive and use my bicycle everyday, it sucks in both cases. It’s such a dumb design on a straight line. It is now actually and honestly less safe, yay.

Imposing European things on top of West coast America is not only dumb, it’s bizarre.

Density is low in LA, it’s a feature called Quality of Life. But that means we need cars, yes. Accidents happen and there won’t ever be anything close to zero deaths. That’s idiotic and quite disrespectful considering how we’re dealing with 1 million dead in two years of plague.

I can’t find the source right now, but here are the city plan steps of failure:

– Look at a complex and confusing reality, such as the social dynamics of an old city

– Fail to understand all the subtleties of how the complex reality works

– Attribute that failure to the irrationality of what you are looking at, rather than your own limitations

– Come up with an idealized blank-slate vision of what that reality ought to look like

– Argue that the relative simplicity and platonic orderliness of the vision represents rationality

– Use authoritarian power to impose that vision, by demolishing the old reality if necessary

– Watch your rational Utopia fail horribly

Congratulations West Adams, you tick every single box here!

I vote to revert back to two lanes.

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