On June 22nd sometime in the past, I was born in Paris and given the name Harold.

On June 22nd today, I officially became a US citizen in Los Angeles. 22/22.

While waiting in line for security, it started raining. It hasn’t rained in LA in months and the heavy humidity in the air felt like a perfectly rendered Parisian summer.

It’s amazing, weight lifting off my shoulders. I feel free, ready. Next plateau, let’s GOOOO.

It’s fucking emotional right now.

4 Responses to “22”

  1. Akumjou Says:

    Happy birthday pal :-)
    Enjoy your citizenship!

  2. Akumajou Says:


    And so did I!

  3. harold Says:

    Thank you sir!
    I hope everything is good with you!

  4. harold Says:

    So I didn’t know about the joke and I’d rather not know those things because I’m like Josh, I feel weird now!

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