I was looking at Pixar movies because I haven’t watched one in a million years.

I saw The Incredible 2 and didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. But it’s just me, right?

Well, looking at the box office, it seems like Pixar is doing terribly these days:

First four Pixar movies cost $355M and brought in…$1.8B.

Last four Pixar movies cost  $700M and brought in…$364M.

That’s pretty much horrendous. Disney could close Pixar really quickly at this pace.

Things are super fragile in creative productions. It’s all about projects and teams. Money is important but it’s not everything.

Pixar has had issues with its management and parent company Disney for over a decade, for what I see online. So it’s not a surprise that movies are impacted. And yes, competition from Netflix to Fortnite.

This CGI animation, visual effects West coast world—ILM were so big in my teenage mind. I hope they can turn it around.

3D animation is the most liberating medium ever made.

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