It’s Pride month.

Skateboarding has always been one of the most open culture out there yet, we still can do better.

I was reading a thread on queer skateboarding rising up the last few years. Folks writing and being like “bro, it was SO hard to skate in the 80s/90/00s and being LGBTQ+ like, it was impossible to be myself AND love skateboarding.”

It’s always powerful and educational to read about someone in pain with something you take for granted.

Skateboarding is a culture that still struggles so much to include women. We need more effort.

So there’s There Skateboards and they have released a great full-length video this year:

Gathering people around something they love while simply using the space around you? That’s beautiful and peak humanity, in a way.

If you want to read more about non-traditional skateboarding stories, check out Quell Magazine’s archives (and hopefully they get back on publishing soon).

And go. Skate. No. Matter. What.

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