It was a classic TV production day. I had picked up talent in LA and drove down to San Diego for the show. Production is always looking to cut expenses so I was paying attention to the expenses I was making for this dude.

Upon our arrival, we are early. He asks for Starbucks. This is the second time.

My manager is in my walkie like “get him a latte” and I answer, a bit preoccupied for the budget, “HE ALREADY HAD A SKINNY SOY LATTE”. And get it anyway, of course.

Later that day I go back to HQ and my managers have blurry eyes. They tell me that they hadn’t been able to stop laughing about me telling them that the dude had already gotten his caffeinated beverage.

Anyway. I still can hear myself, frustrated, walking down a big hall, panting and talking about refusing someone a skinny soy latte.

I mean, I wasn’t wrong.

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