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Digital detox, let’s get it

Alright, digital DE-TOX mfs:

  • No more apps on phones. Texts, emails on read-only, calls, photos. That’s it.

  • Obviously, no notifications ever.

  • No phone around after 8pm and before 10am. Just don’t fucking touch it.

  • Laptop/desktop for everything you need to do. Do the tasks, level up, close the laptop/desktop.

  • Stay on the open web as much as possible. Bookmark. Manage your reading. RSS FTW.

  • Use your bank web portal and shut up (I know, they often suck but no apps on phones, jfc).

  • No TV and no screen bigger than 24/27inches. They swallow your soul. Stop using them.

  • Get books, use your library card. Turn pages, hear the sound.

  • Listen to offline music; fill up drives with mp3 files. Buy a cheap Sandisk player.

  • Share, write, publish online. It can be anything, text, videos, music. And then move on.

  • Talk to people of all ages. Have conversations. Get out and go to events. Share.

  • Take your time. Allow yourself to do nothing. Quiet your mind now and then. Close your eyes.

Mobile computing fragments our attention like crazy. Use phones *way* less. Fight this shit. I did.

I never went all-in on phones and notifications and IG and whatever. After a decade, I see that I’m the only one with the mental ability to completely ignore a ding or a red dot on a screen. And that’s fucking scary because I realize that y’all’s attention span is very weak.

A very large attention span deficit –inability to focus on what needs to be done- coupled with gerrymandering, unfocused rage and a wild pandemic? Yup, that’s the sinking world we’re in. We can change.

Please detox. For your own health, your goddamn kids’ future and for democracy’s old ass. ‘ppreciate it.

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