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3D-printed houses

Put another way, it’s better to look at the housing crisis as a policy issue, not a technological one.

It is both simultaneously, dear journalist. Imagine that. It’s a policy issue, for not wanting to house people in empty buildings right now. It’s a technological one for the way we completely suck at building good, sustainable, healthy housing.

This makes me so happy. Not just because they 3D-printed a house, which is how we should be building homes from now on (most efficient way to build, period), but because the shape is very reminiscent of my house prototype: one-story, monocoque, yessir!

Billionaires are not doing anything valuable, y’all. Dear Mr. Bezos, give up your wealth right now and install a giant 3D-printer in every city of America. People would sing your praise for the rest of humanity’s existence.

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