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Another sign of extreme tech slow down

Most .mp4 video files use H.264 compression. Both were invented in 2003, 20 years ago.

Both are widely used, probably 95% of videos overall today.

.mp4 files can also use H.265 compression, a 2013 invention (10 years ago), which is 25 to 50% better than H.264.

Why isn’t it widely used by now? Because we don’t give a damn about more compression! We have an unfathomable amount of storage available cheaply, offline and online. $20 for a 1TB flash drive like, get outta here. Also patent ridiculousness.

Meanwhile, our eyes and organic performances stay the same, if not getting worse generation after generation. Definitely not improving much after our mid 20s high. Sooo

Y’all. It used to change every year, doubling in speed, size, etc. New codecs every two, three years. It is a good thing that this is now history.

Preservation and archive folks appreciate it for sure.

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