Me Myself&I


L stands for Living room, D for Dinning room and K for Kitchen.

Still going through thousands of architectural layouts from all over the world and through time.

Historically, the three of them were separated but as we went through time, they started to blur.

First L and D kind of merged because we like to have food where we live. Having separate rooms didn’t make sense anymore. And we had given up on maids as well.

Then K slowly merged with the other two thanks to “islands” and “bars”. Again, it totally makes sense: we’re together, we like having food together and we can do it all in one room with variations of space.

Technology enters the chat.

I’m realizing right now designing my kitchen of the future that thanks to technological innovation, the kitchen is disappearing. An air fryer/pressure cooker combo, an electric kettle and a couple induction cooktops —three devices, allow you to make quickly and effortlessly all the meals in the world. Outside of the mandatory fridge, the kitchen is more and more reduced to a flat surface to prepare food, and a sink.

L/D/k I guess. Financially and layout-wise, this is great.

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