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To Altman, it was a mind-bending experience. “If you asked the 10-year-old version of me, who used to spend a lot of time daydreaming about AI, what was going to happen, my pretty confident prediction would have been that first we’re gonna have robots, and they’re going to perform all physical labor. Then we’re going to have systems that can do basic cognitive labor. A really long way after that, maybe we’ll have systems that can do complex stuff like proving mathematical theorems. Finally we will have AI that can create new things and make art and write and do these deeply human things. That was a terrible prediction—it’s going exactly the other direction.”

What OpenAI Really Wants | WIRED

First, I don’t know what’s up with folks thinking all the time in terms of pyramids and sequences. Plenty of things happen at the same time. That’s what makes the world complex, yet simple if you break it down. But anyway it’s not going exactly the other direction, Sam. Robots doing all physical labor are here and GPT is here as well. It’s all going at the same damn time, which is why we’re freaking out and/or we don’t even know what to say.

It’s been almost a year since ChatGPT_that_actually_works_well_final_draft. I think a whole lot is happening in the background with governments and companies. They know something is about to be super over right now. But they don’t want to say anything, playing poker until they know they and their loved ones will be fine once everything goes in the AI direction, and that jobs don’t carry anything anymore (we’re close to that).

“The dream is to help us solve problems we can’t.”

The thing is we’re rather good at solving any problem (chatGPT was a complete fantasy less than a decade ago!) and, most of the time, the problems were created by us. So we can solve them, 100%.

The dream personally is the unprecedented shift from our current socio-economical world to one where people immediately stop suffering through obscene capitalism.

AGI should be driving cars, cleaning toilets and taking care of nuclear power plants while we sit under a tree, laughing and fucking for fun. That is a possible future and I want it.

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