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Dear future,

That’s it! 2023-24 is the start of something different. Everything can be faked online and robots can do super complex stuff offline, like driving nicely through traffic.

We can fake what we see and what we hear enough to believe it, especially for anyone born 2000 and beyond. Folks who don’t have the analog ear, when faking a voice was just not possible at all. People who didn’t experience the transformation of Photoshop and digital editing.

I just read about a young man who creates AI porn stars, buys IRL videos of models, deepfakes those with his AI stuff and sells those packages as chatbots to other young dudes I guess. The insanity. The implications.

It’s just that seeing Waymo cars every single time I go out now —I’ll probably try one sooner than later—, using ChatGPT daily… The before and after those things that didn’t exist a few years ago. I’m pondering.

It induces a pretty drastic change of how one understands the world. And where it’s going. It’s nuts. The acceleration.

It’s fucking nuts. And society is all disjointed in the middle of this.

(this is why I preach for individual, sustainable housing; to stay out of the upcoming madness)

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