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I have so many questions about OnlyFans.

  • I imagine the spectrum is the same as other online businesses: 1% of performers makes 99% of the money. What’s the average, actual payment? If it is low (the internet says $180/month), how much work does it represent?
  • How does it impact performers’ own intimacy? How does one feel after spending hours with their genitals out, toying with them and chatting for work? How long does it take to “reset”?
  • Is there a lot of pleasure in catching people’s attention, is it creating incentive to be more deceptive to manipulate them more?
  • Why men pay so much more than women, and simultaneously hate on women selling it? Isn’t it making no sense?
  • No stalking/local doxxing issues yet? That seems incredibly unlikely but I hope there aren’t many.
  • Isn’t relying on social media, which is unreliable as hell, a dangerous thing?
  • How long can you do that for?
  • Why banks are OK with it after saying no and what happened there?
  • Why the second it involves sex, grind culture is wildly accepted?

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