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Reflections on that conflict over there

  • Dry heat, rocks. Enjoying a vacation in Tel Aviv, flirting with local women sounds like a great time. I’m afraid there’s a wrap forever on that. I’ll never get to visit that rather attractive corner of earth.
  • The Gaza strip is so damn small. How come there is even a building left alive after 75 years of war? It’s hard to comprehend.
  • Despite all the surveillance in the world, Pegasus and drones and whatnot, they still don’t know where the tunnels are or when an offensive is on its way! Literal billions spent on intelligence. It doesn’t do anything.
  • We’re already having debates on what actually happened in world events from 100 to 50 years ago, I have a feeling that the veracity of a text from about 2,500 years ago is not that big.
  • It seems like, if it’s been blood and tears for 75 years, maybe it would be a good thing for the UN to renegotiate things.
  • I imagine all the heartaches from people across generations loving each other while being tied to one religion that hates the other religion. Excruciating stuff.
  • It’s been too long, wtf. Very soon no one will remember a time of peace over there. My dad born in 1952 already doesn’t.

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