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Segregation in large cities, duh

Human mobility networks reveal increased segregation in large cities | Nature

“This means that, contrary to expectations, residents of large cosmopolitan areas have less exposure to a socioeconomically diverse range of individuals.”

Thank you, real world’s statistics for showing how a lot of people need to be quiet about increasing density in cities. These mfs can’t stop arguing that it brings melting pot vibes! No it doesn’t.

Higher density means higher homogenization of rents, which displaces a lot of folks of a different socio-economic background. High density means worse tolerance from anyone, for anything. The only winners are real estate companies, who don’t need to win anything.

It’s criminal that cities act as if they didn’t know all that. Cities need to do two things in 2024: sprawl so that folks don’t kill each other over a parking spot or a noise issue, and build and rebuild sustainable structures at a decent pace. For the kids! For God! I don’t know, find a good reason y’all.

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