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Tall buildings

Speaking of Eiffel tower (kids asked “have you been there and is it tall?” lmao), it made me wonder which buildings are taller today?

I processed this thinking, “the Eiffel tower is probably barely in the top 30 tallest buildings today.”

I looked it up. It’s not even in the top 100! It was the tallest structure in the world for 40 years. Crazy.

Lakhta Center in Russia, 462m (1,500 feet), 16th tallest in the world.

Also interesting: almost all buildings higher than 330 meters (1,000-ish feet) have been built in the past fifteen years, in Asia. It demonstrates that technology from 3D modeling to the latest structural progress and massive, quite suspicious financing made those super tall structures possible and that mainly a homogeneous population can look forward to living on top of each other.

I can’t stand skyscrapers. I marvel at the technical prowess but I cannot imagine living in a vertical city, spending my time in lobbies and elevators to reach out the pool or the grocery store, for months on end? Absolutely not.

I need the ground, I need horizontality, birds singing. I need normal wind, not that freezing, violent shit on the 87th floor.

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