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I went to France for my shortest trip over there, ever. Three days.

Back, strongly jetlagged. I keep thinking how when we take off at noon local time, we go so fast that we catch up with the night falling on the East side of Earth.

Which is quite amazing when you think about it.

And then how we travel over the earth and not across, using the curvature/shortest route which makes us fly above freaking Greenland. Hi NorthNorth! Planes are outstanding (over 100K flights a day around the world).

Always lovely to land with a supreme window seat’s sunrise from the sky, right before breakfast with family in a rainy, cold and a bit gloomy March in the suburbs of Paris. Lots (but not enough) of delicious food and beverages would follow.

It’s crazy how those 20 hours of cloud gliding are just normal bus, public transportation stuff to me at this point, doing it since 2009. Always the same folks, places, gates. Yet, it’s still wild. 10,000 miles/16k kms in a metal tube, bam. In many ways it will make one wonder about mortality, technical progress, who the fuck farted repeatedly for a hour, etc.

I think I saw Rick Rubin around Japan Airlines at LAX but maybe I’m totally wrong.

Heavy heart. Thankful.

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