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AI and graphic design

I see a lot of people lament about that and how it’s destroying jobs.

Yeah, but that’s not the whole story.

The whole story for me is all my graphic designer friends through the years. They’ve always giggled at the fact that they were getting paid handsomely (and sometimes, far too much) to design a few web buttons or to draw a nice illustration. Work that would take them a couple hours or an afternoon, and sustain them for weeks/months.

I used to think “lucky bastards, I can’t do that designing audio!”. Well, they’re not lucky bastards anymore. 90% of them are competing with AI aka a 24/7 slave who’s getting better at its craft 24/7 as well.

And so here comes the cognitive dissonance.

“But making art is about making it!” Well, keep making it then. You won’t get paid much now though, but art isn’t about getting paid, is it?

“But it used to be a great career, working with tons of different clients!” Yeah, not anymore I guess. This is why there’s no choice but to demand UBI.

Folks prefer to struggle financially and mentally rather than accept the fact that humankind has reached a point where work doesn’t yield enough money for folks to live decently. Which means we need to focus on that part.

So don’t hate progress, just understand that you won’t live off of your art. And that it is fine.

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