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I was logged in with my Gmail account and needed to submit a review. I didn’t want to use my account, so I logged out. Turns out, I couldn’t submit a review without being logged in, so I logged back in. No worries.


Super weird knowing that my 20-year-old Gmail account is only accessed on a couple devices at home, always the same for 5+ years, and secured with a 25+ character password. It is decently secure. I try again.


The super smart folks at Google claim that they don’t have enough information to know that it’s me logging in. On the exact same device I was logged into 2 minutes ago? With a password long enough that it’s extremely unlikely that a hacker is trying to log in? On an account that doesn’t have suspicious activity at all? On the same IP/Gateway/Network? I didn’t do anything. Flagged.

I had heard about how it’s impossible to get anyone at Google to help with those things, and I’ve been experiencing that first hand since last night. Holy fucking shit.

Of course they’re making a lot of money, they don’t invest in support at all. I can’t even get a live chat thingy! Every single company out there has those. How on earth Google doesn’t, is beyond wild.

My Gmail emails are forwarded to another email so I still get them and can respond. But I cannot use my “Google” account, aka Gmail account to do anything, because I logged out once. And that’s worth locking me out for Google.

Absolutely unhinged.

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