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Cryptic crypto

I have no idea what’s going on with those crypto crashes. I mean, I understand that it was all smoke and mirror, and that’s all there was, as many people knew.

I  also understand, watching this, that we could easily solve our problems if money was the missing ingredient. But money is abundant, we create it out of thin air whenever we want. And then it disappears in ultra complex techno-finance schemes led by one dude who’s like, “oops”.

What a strange system.

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Take Off

There’s a lot of pretending in blackness. It is the result of our circumstances.

Everywhere we exist, we pretend that it’s fine. Sometimes it actually is, when we’re entrenched in our black communities in the Black metaverse.

But when we’re next to each other, next to non-black people, we know we’re not equal. And so the pretending begins.

I’m making as much money as you, I’m going to pretend, while knowing that the statistics say that white wealth is ten to hundred times, on average, bigger.

I’m as free as you are, I’m going to pretend, while knowing that the statistics say the reality is that I have five more times chances to get arrested for any reason.

Pretending allows us to live, while it poisons our souls. It poisons our existences.

So people pretend to be disrespected. On a Sunday night around a dice game in a nice neighborhood, someone pulled the trigger, probably faking outrage under the blanket of alcohol intoxication. And so a 28 year old black man died for the most absurd reason: none.

It was unnecessary, it was probably an accident. He is gone and we’re back pretending that it is just how things are.

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Hybrid highways

There’s a name for this: “hybridity”. The living in-between. It’s a central concept to postcolonial studies, one developed by scholars like Homi K. Bhabha and Gayatri Spivak. Hybridity creates something entirely new—neither colonizer nor colonized, but eternally suspended, living in the liminal.

Elamin Abdelmahmoud in Son of Elsewhere, A Memoir in Pieces.

I really enjoyed your book, Stan.

It made me long for what I’ve never had in depth, community, but it also made me wildly aware of the luck of not having to feel the weight of it, of them all, on my shoulders, ever.

That’s actually really heavy. Highways to build all by myself.

No religion. A very secular culture. Fragmented families. Zero blood-related family, no one looking like me. An English first name in the French countryside! Finding myself on the West coast of America. Life always has been hybrid as fuck to me.

And so of course, I needed extremely solid foundations. Science, knowledge and music stabilized me and allowed me to move in this world the way I wanted, respectfully.

And just like you Elamin, and migrants all over the world, I’m a little obsessed with routes and spaces. I think this is why I am in love with horizontality; the endless possibilities, for everyone.

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I sure did

I know!! Completely unreal. This week, I burned two CDs for my car. The pack of 10 CD-R was $2.99.

So weird to touch those again. Weird memories of Plextor and 4X and Yamaha emerging.

I’m also going to buy more music CDs to rip so I needed a CD/DVD player, which was like $25. It’s so cheap, works well, and no one can’t take that music from me, ever.

And yes, I will copy those files on a $15, 128GB flash drive as well.

There are some good things about tech, these days.


So you wanna compose for games

This exact demo file was immediately rejected. In fact, Chad was part of the panel that rejected it. But he included the file on the album and listed himself as a co-artist, despite having absolutely nothing to do with it.

Oh boy. Mick Gordon, composer and sound designer talking about his great relationship with id Software.

If you want to make a living making music in this industry, don’t start.



I didn’t know this had gone that far.

Broke teenagers trying to fit in by getting into addiction isn’t a new thing, but those websites, their frictionlessness and technology (remember, tracking of every pixel on your screen, every move on your mouse) have made it a nightmare for our societies.

Also parents have sadly completely checked out from teenagers’ digital lives, for many reasons and variables.

We are in a gambling era. Don’t try to do it.

Scale back, bro. Leave your chats, your computers, and go read a book under a tree. Fuck them skins.

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It’s interesting to watch folks look for a platform when one is dead.

If you ask them why they don’t write on a personal web page, people immediately go for the “I’ll be embarrassed if my friends/family see that”.

But it’s ok to be cringe AF on a platform because hey, it’s the platform’s fault right? It’s because of IG that you post fake deep sentences with a sad picture in the background, right?

The internet is the platform. Get your own space, and grow there, at your own pace.

It’s pretty great.

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44 billion

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So, the NBA? Yikes.

The rookie I had so much love for is a mess, and the Spurs organization is going to have to answer a lawsuit.

Between the feeling that the start of a season after all the trades is a “Who is Playing Where again?” game, that the Lakers franchise is down bad, that the Clippers are kinda weird, the constant injuries/load management, the amount of absolutely embarrassing stuff –from antivax stuff to adultery and Kyrie, the insanity of logistics to buy tickets online and their prices I mean, it is trash.

And those salaries. $47M/year off the bench, peak indecency I hope. NBA players needed 2 jobs 40 years ago.

In this *waves at sky* infla-thing that we’re living in? The NBA has lost its mind, really.

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Misawa Homes

55 years of building state of the art prefab, system-built homes in Japan.

  • 60% or more of those homes are made of recycled material.
  • Lumber is acquired from Finland because of their top forest-management policies.
  • Every single tree is used in its totality.
  • Ceramics are heavily used (sand and limestone).
  • All the details of a house design from bathroom fixtures to roofing material to door-knobs is determined before building.
  • Everything that needs to be fabricated, wall panels, flooring sections, windows, is a CAD file sent to a factory.
  • Basic structure is erected in a day.
  • Completion of the house including landscaping is done in a month.

It is very hard to gather any information on Misawa, Sekisui and so on (Japanese websites being stuck in 1994).

It absolutely blows my mind that sustainable, healthy system-built homes exist for almost 60 years in a country, and are completely inexistent in countries in desperate need of exactly that!

I’d rather have Misawa homes than Sony PlayStations, 10,000%.

But we live in a world where a billionaire thinks he’s on top of challenges by buying a rotten network of mind farts.

Goddamn it’s frustrating.

(the book is called The Japanese Dream House by Azby Brown)