Raw like sushi2020

November 23rd, 2020 by harold

Who was talking about “raw dogging reality” first? @jaboukie right?

(2 years ago almost, dang).

Man, I have indeed been partaking in this grinding activity. The only things keeping me up are the sun, water, some herbs and coffee. Barely any entertainment. Just daydreaming with music on. I’m Goku on Namec strong at this. And a bad consumer.

The great thing though, is that the next time I’ll have my crib and my girl we’ll be able to “re” watch everything and everything to me will be like “oh I heard about that!”. So I’ll be laughing my ass off or get into the show for real and she’ll be even more into me, watching my reactions to iconic moments.

Like, people talk about Ted Lasso a lot these days. I know Jason Sudeikis, I know he’s hilarious and I don’t know anything about Ted, but I’m sure I’ll love it in 2024. Hopefully earlier than that now it’s for sure because I just said it.

Meanwhile things are exhausting out there try to hibernate, friends.

That Fresh reunion

November 21st, 2020 by harold


I could write 2 or 4,000 words about the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and its impact on me in a heartbeat. Just seeing that gif is killing me, I can barely watch it, I can’t explain. I can’t control it. I remember all of it. The first time. The last time. I was thankful to have the Banks family. Sometimes fiction is very important I guess.

The show itself holds up so well. I was watching reruns last year and I was amazed at how it’s still funny, quite unpredictable, smart and wholesome. Just great entertainment.

There’s Will and the Will phenomenon, which led me to think that the world was looking for confident black men to lead on many fronts. Ha! That was fun.

The Janet Hubert beef and James Avery passing were hard blows to memories so seeing them reconcile and pay homage to Uncle Phil I mean, I haven’t seen anything but people talking about it on social media and there I am, tearing up again. It’s really beautiful.

Thank you to all the staff and crews for making one of the coolest, chillest sitcom ever produced. I needed that then.


November 17th, 2020 by harold

Month 10 of a global pandemic.

I saw the South Dakotan nurse telling the world that even in the midst of dying of COVID-19, people don’t believe they’re dying from it.

I saw a 300-person party in Paris suburbs last weekend, in the middle of a national lockdown.

I overhear my roommate talking about traveling during the holidays.


I want to believe. I need to believe that the three of us out there who’ve never, NEVA lowered our defense against dying from this shit, are okay.

We should totally link up.

Get on the open web, sweetie

November 15th, 2020 by harold

Dude, get on the open web asap.

Because of the pandemic I see talk about social media’s saturation more than ever. People absolutely hating Insta yet “having to” be there. The UI/UX redesign bull’ every now and then. Twitter Facebook and YouTube being instruments of mass “rewiring”. The conspiracies, documentaries about social media showing how gross this entire social media thing is, the censorship, etc.

We need a solution.

I see a lot of laughs about the idea of going back to the open web, where I post this. “No one will be back, good luck!”

Well there’s this thing that I thought would absolutely never come back and totally did: vinyl records.

What would prevent people to have url links on their phone homescreens? Go check that blog that provides some perspective, once a week. This other one every two days. Do you, break from the algo.

What would prevent people to subscribe to blogs (here’s mine) with their feed readers like it’s 2010? Nothing. Nothing at all. Everything works just as before if not better, considering how much more powerful our devices are today.

Newsletters? I don’t think email is great to receive periodic content. It’s a communication tool, after all. But there’s this option too.

Anyway, do you know why you’re supposed to be on the open web instead of billionaires’ soul-sucking, greedy ass networks?

Buzz the Wonder Dog

November 7th, 2020 by harold

I’ve never seen a dog with so much control of himself.  I’ve never seen a dog that gentle and respectful.

I mean…

I do love dogs. I grew up with one. We’d both arrived in the family at the same time, me as a six year old boy and him as an energetic puppy. I’m fairly observant and always play with anyone’s dog a little bit.

Buzz was different. Buzz didn’t bark for barking. Buzz didn’t care much about hype and energy. Buzz wanted to explore and chill most of the time. And once he understood that he was in good hands, he wanted to play too. And then smell something and chill more.

Morning sun for him and latte for me. And also morning sun.

My ex-wife got him early in 2012. A “free” dog, a rescue, a pit bull. I’m in France and we’re skyping and she tells me that she made the acquisition, after fostering him for a while. I’m a little mad because that’s a layer of complexity added to an already intense situation. I’m also really happy because this dog will help her grief her brother who had unfortunately passed away a few months prior.

Once I got back to LA, after my wife had done an amazing job at caring for him (he was a skeleton), it didn’t take long for me to totally embrace him. Probably five minutes. At that time he’s apprehensive and kind of depressed, still. I see him transform from a pouting dog who doesn’t react to toys in front of him to having loads of energy and being very protective. This apartment in Silver Lake was his. The dog walker had to back off a couple times before I took over.  Anyone not us around, he would bark at. Walking him could be a serious challenge because he’d jump at every single dog behind or not behind the fence, growling. Not to attack them, but to defend himself and us. At least that’s how it felt. One time we were running down the street and he cut in front of me to go after the dog behind the fence, I tripped, fell, and he immediately stopped caring about the other dog. Looking at me like “you alright man? I’m sorry you’re upset now, my bad”.

A majestic dog

I was with him only for a few years, but it was 24/7. Walking him two to three times a day. Playing. Feeding him. I can’t not think of Bill Burr’s skit about dogs where he imagines what the dog thinks. “this dude is cool I love him! This guy feeds me…” . I know I have the picture of him in my old phone where he’s gauging me for the very first time. I can tell he’s like “I think this dude is alright and apparently he’s staying around? Cool”. With that cute face of his.

That’s the picture. That’s when our bond became solid. 2012/12

“I feel good daddy!” he expressed, pooping roughly at the exact same spot “that works 100% of the time”

That happy face after pooping. Sometimes it was challenging to get him to drop a deuce. No noise around, no rain, some privacy or otherwise he didn’t #2. It could lead to frustrating moments of him about to do it and bam, there’s a car speeding up and that’s a wrap. He would raise his eyes, get his little trot on and I wouldn’t be mad anymore. Next time, then.

The only time he ever did something mischievous (tearing up an empty bottle of milk) and oh boy does he KNOW

Nicknames were made. His full name is Buzz the Wonder Dog. But then it became Buzz and then Buzzy Boi and then Bootses and then Bookeets, Da Beast, etc. After adding more exercise to his routine, he started to relax with the barking at strangers and was willing to play. Oh man.

I’d assembled a coffee table with a portion made of glass. He LOVED to jump over it and then he started to jump ON it. I was amazed that it never broke but even in his landing he would be so gentle. Jumping over the table to go grab the toy by the heater was his game and we did it countless of times. He would shake that fake lobster like he was fighting Cerberus. And one second later he would be his soft, careful, observant self. So adorable.

This is how Windows Phone got me hooked: with cute pictures of the dog in my life (pics show up randomly on the homescreen).

He was so gentle and respectful. Like he didn’t even believe in things. I would have his food ready and tell him “go!” and he would kind of wait there, nose hovering over his bowl and look at me like “are you sure I can dig in?” and if you had the bad kind of energy, he would have a bite and then just stick with you. Every. Single. Day.

He also knew he couldn’t get any of our food. We could leave a dog mind-melting, smelling good AF burger on the coffee table, right where he could get it. We would disappear in the kitchen and come back. The burger would still be there, with Buzz smelling it from afar like he’s an art collector in front of the Mona Lisa. Just looking! I was amazed. I’ve never seen any dog able to do that. Especially with some tasty red meat in front of them. That takes phenomenal control and discipline.

With his only girl, Bonnie. The only dog I’ve seen him play with. Sadly, she passed away this year too. Yes, I walk them together, one at each arm and no, I didn’t have to change side on the street.

My ex could have a treat for him on the floor. He would listen to her and lay down next to it. Waiting for the signal to get it. He would wait. His tail wouldn’t and it would start to slap the hardwood floor louder and louder while he was still (which would send me laughing my ass off; he’s tryyyyin’). He would eventually calm all the way down to not move at all. I was so amazed.

My dude in my cool room on West Adams. Taking the sun, as usual. Aww man.

It was hard when we divorced. There was so much to deal with, Buzz was so much part of my life at that point that I didn’t even think about him for months. As stupid as it sounds I was in we’re all together, forever mode. And then I saw him and realized that I was losing him too and I dropped on the floor because it was so good and painful to feel him and he was so happy to see me too. He couldn’t know that I wasn’t going to stay more than a couple days. He just wanted to play.

It’s 2014 and I’m staying for the weekend. It’s Friday night and I’m sleeping on the couch. He’s on the floor, next to me. I’m exhausted, just peeking at him from time to time, listening to music. He’s chilling. My ex calls him to go to bed. He doesn’t bulge. She calls him again and I’m thinking, “thanks for the vigil, Buzz”. He doesn’t respond. He stays all night long with me. The next day, same scenario. At the first call, he stands up and goes to her bedroom.

I think he just wanted to let me know that he had me.

For the next four years, I would dog sit him from time to time. It would always be such an exciting thing to do and of course a bit bitter too. “I left everything in France for a family here that doesn’t exist anymore but here’s my boy!”  type of thoughts. I have videos of myself opening the door to see his antics after not seeing him for months. So cute.

It’s Christmas and Buzz just wants to cuddle. I am down with that.

The last time I saw him, I was dropping him off after the last stay he had with me for 2018 Christmas. He was looking back, to see if I was coming too. I never stopped thinking about him ever since, but life (and his health) made it more complicated to visit him.

Probably one of the last chilling session with this gentleman.

I love you Buzz! You’re the best and Bonnie is right there with you but I think you’re the best though, no disrespect. You’re also anchored in a very important part of my life and I’ll never forget our greatest moments with V.

I really hoped that you would live forever. I guess you are, in a way.

Buzzy Boi

November 4th, 2020 by harold

I’m in so much denial right now. My brain is like “yeah right, he passed because he’s very old. ‘might want to see him one last ti-oh god right, no”

I loved rubbing his chest. I believe he liked it too. I hate that past tense.

RIP Buzz

November 4th, 2020 by harold

Buzz, my ex’s dog but also the dog which became my dog and gave me so many memorable memories, has died.

He was very, very special. I’ll write more about him.

If I was a billionaire

November 2nd, 2020 by harold

I wouldn’t care about space colonies or make more money. I wouldn’t try to pollute the sky either.

What I’d do:

Plant and transplant big old trees

Mature trees are the best stuff ever. Seriously. The only inconvenience is the roots but if we can build smartphones and send rocket back and forth outside the earth, we can take care of tree roots ffs. If there’s some engineering and new tools to be invented well, let’s fucking goooooo. “Don’t worry, it’s on me”  I’d say.

I’d create nurseries of mature trees close to every single city and make sure that we plant some beautiful ass, tall and luscious trees around our streets. They naturally cool everything. They give us the good kind of shade. Bugs and animals love them. I have no interest in using more machines to do something that nature does wonderfully well basically forever, if we maintain our tree communities. Let’s get it.

Engineer a complete way of building prefab, passive houses

It’s obscene that this country is so big, with so much empty space and yet we struggle with housing! How on earth is that not priority number one to solve this by spreading our communities more, and more intelligently? We can do that! But we don’t.

The way we build homes today is straight outta the 1800s. Same basic 4 by 4, same techniques. Why? Because that allows cheap labor to thrive (which makes big construction companies, big bucks). That allows cheap labor to teach themselves. True, prefab means COMPLETELY wiping out that cheap labor with more expensive teams. But prefab means excellent homes built in less than a week, how the FUCK isn’t it enough incentive? It sure is to me. Slowly incorporating that cheap labor into building prefab, passive houses (which require very high precision in the making) would be the challenge but, that’s when being a billionaire probably would help starting that. I’d build a damn “building homes in 2020 and beyond” university, you’d get a freaking degree and let’s fu-cking goooo.

In Japan, Daiwa House has been building prefab housing for over sixty years. They employ almost 50,000 people. Those houses are sustainable, use state-of-the-art technology and produce the least waste possible in terms of building (traditional construction is the absolute worse in terms of material waste). We suck.

If I was a billionaire, I wouldn’t care about electric cars or Mars. I would pour my money into this and rapidly creates new cities where people work from home, in houses that respect the hell out of Earth. Let’s get it.

Sustainable electric bicycle

We keep hearing about public transportation or electric cars but the best for most daily commutes is the bicycle. Electric bicycles are clearly the winner here and yet we have been extremely quiet with those. I’d pour hundreds of millions of dollars into something like the Copenhahen wheel (I’ve seen a couple folks using it in LA, they made me want to get one for sure) so that I can subsidize the tech and make it affordable (it’s $1700 right now, without the bike), say under 500 bucks and make sure we can leverage the trillion bicycles around on this planet.

I haven’t been on a bicycle in months and I miss the absolute non existence of parking, the ability to actually enjoy neighborhoods and notice things you never would otherwise. That’s Quality of Life.

I need to be a billionaire real quick so that I can almost even quicker, spend the money and change things for good.


November 1st, 2020 by harold

After using tools (car, computer mouse, instrument) for a little while, there’s a need for maintenance. Let’s face it, it’s usually not fun. It’s tedious & inevitable. I hate that couple.

With our 24/7 digital lives, that harsh “reality” becomes annoying and rude.

Why can’t I just CTRL+O a new part and CTRL+C/CTRL+V over the bad one real quick? Why can’t I CTRL+Z  some wear or damage on a whim? Why can’t I CTRL+T repeatedly a new small housing here and there?

This real world of physics just doesn’t want to do shit. Or at a very slow, slug-in-salt type of pace. A SHAME


October 28th, 2020 by harold

I accidentally dropped a dash of liquid soap in my hot coffee and it immediately became the worst thing I have ever smelled in my life.

Stay safe. Don’t drop liquid soap in your coffee.