The Naked

June 16th, 2022 by harold

“Nothing is intolerable until an alternative exists, if only as a dream. When Maryam, pregnant with Omar, had fled the Soviets, the limits of her horizon were Pakistan and Iran. Now her children were linked to a diaspora that stretched from Long Island to Melbourne, and the screens in their pockets brought them images of how life could be elsewhere.”

The Naked Don’t Fear The Water by Matthieu Aikins

Super intense and eye-opening book. Read it, and acquire perspective.


June 15th, 2022 by harold

It was a classic TV production day. I had picked up talent in LA and drove down to San Diego for the show. Production is always looking to cut expenses so I was paying attention to the expenses I was making for this dude.

Upon our arrival, we are early. He asks for Starbucks. This is the second time.

My manager is in my walkie like “get him a latte” and I answer, a bit preoccupied for the budget, “HE ALREADY HAD A SKINNY SOY LATTE”. And get it anyway, of course.

Later that day I go back to HQ and my managers have blurry eyes. They tell me that they hadn’t been able to stop laughing about me telling them that the dude had already gotten his caffeinated beverage.

Anyway. I still can hear myself, frustrated, walking down a big hall, panting and talking about refusing someone a skinny soy latte.

I mean, I wasn’t wrong.

What would be great right now is

June 7th, 2022 by harold

60s apartments and homes.

70s freedom.

80s imagination.

90s connection.

00s technology.

10s fun.

All wrapped into one 20s package. Let me sudo install it, please.

Diffrt Grl

June 5th, 2022 by harold

Composed and produced during the 2016s, aka 2015-2019. Not representative of the current mood, but I wanted to ship it because that’s how it is. Bang. NEXT


June 4th, 2022 by harold

Seeing gas at $6.79

Thinking Rafael Nadal won a good seven French open when it’s actually thirteen

Half the year of 2022 is gone and it’s basically Christmas already

Derrick White going 2/10 all season but it’s the Finals and you need him to hit 3 difficult shots and he will swish those

Social media from afar

Stay safe y’all.

Las Vegas Aces 2022

June 2nd, 2022 by harold

The death line up of A’ja Wilson, Jackie Young, Kelsey Plum, Dearica Hamby and Chelsea Gray is lethal. They are starting the season 9-1, which is pretty good.

They can all create their shots, they can all shoot from anywhere, they’re super quick. A nightmare for other teams.

What’s so great about this team’s season is their new coach, Becky Hammon. She’s from the Spurs galaxy and as you might know, the Spurs have basketball culture like almost no other franchise.

It’s so good to see Becky thrive in the WNBA, after not getting the job in the NBA despite her qualifications.

I can already see her influence with the heavy passing and running going on for the Aces.

Let’s go!

Me playing Control

June 1st, 2022 by harold

in 4K on PS5, amazed at that light on concrete while the toilet door doesn’t squeak out nor does it slam with appropriate sound cues.

John Lautner stuff

May 30th, 2022 by harold

Okay, I found this gem of a YouTube channel, about John Lautner’s houses.

The narrator and creator of those videos is a Dutch guy with talent, drawing floor plans and foundations and doing guided tours of the famous architect’s output.

It is fantastic, full of facts and smart assumptions. I knew 90% of it and still learned great things. For instance, I didn’t know that Silvertop was the first house with an infinity pool in the world.

I hadn’t really realized that John Lautner really was into architectural challenges, choosing hard sites to build the most amazing structures.

And how much he broke the box. We live in square boxes and pretty much none of his work resembles anything boxy. You change an angle from 90 to 110 degrees and your brain breathes. So dope.

Always pulling people to Nature, and using technology to alleviate issues and not for the sake of said technology.

That’s a design stance that is quite timeless and that I can follow.

I want non-boxy homes for all. Period.

(I visited the Sheats-Goldstein house a couple times, it’s mine now; The Wolff house too. And Arango, you will be mine at some point as well, I didn’t make the rules)

J and N

May 29th, 2022 by harold

I’ve been going to the same grocery store for years. Same cashiers for that long.

Janet and Natalia. Absolutely amazingly professional women. The kind of cashier that knows when to open a new line just by looking at how many people are entering the store, not when there’s a line of 20 folks waiting already.

They worked the entire 2020-2022 High Risk pandemic. Every single day. I’ll never forget in the first two months when we didn’t know shit and that people were dropping like flies, they stood up. Never stopped working, never stopped being super professional. I saw their eyes full of tears, still holding, three masks on.

The last times I saw them a couple months ago, I noticed that they were often chatting.

I think they quit over compensation. They probably didn’t get any raise, when they definitely should have gotten a substantial one.

Now it’s definitely not as tight as before in that store and I’m shopping all like

The answer is always better housing

May 29th, 2022 by harold

Why not control guns?

We can’t control guns as there are far too many of them to control, and 3D printing exists. Pass all the missing laws. We still don’t control guns.

Why mass shootings happen?

Men are not well, the environment has been sick for a while.

You mean wealth inequality?

Yes. It is at its worse in 50 years.

There’s wealth inequality everywhere.

Trust me when I say as a man who’s lived on three different continents, that American wealth inequality is #1 in democracies by far. Quick reminder that minimum wage in Texas is $7.25/hr and that gas is $5-$6 these days. Meanwhile in Europe or Asia, folks have been getting 80% if not 100% of their salaries since the start of the New Plague.

So what is it, is it our culture?

Yes, in part. America has been on that violent vibe *checks notes* for a while.

Is it our entertainment?

Yes, in part. Entertainment is part of our environment and our entertainment is full of violence. It cannot help, in both sense of the term.

But they play ultra violent games/movies/music outside of the US too!

They have safety nets. We used to have one, cheap gas. They don’t have to hustle like crazy to stay off the streets like people in America. The compounding effects of a violent reality+violent culture divided by this doesn’t have to be insane like that and supercharged with misinformation, are making people snap.

Should we ban violence in entertainment?

That’s not how it works: entertainment is a byproduct of our society, not the cause. To change entertainment, we need to change society first.


By redistributing wealth properly, fairly.


No, those don’t work. All companies and politicians have secured ways to never have to deal with that, for decades. They have a plethora of ways to avoid them. It’s over.


No, corruption.

Guaranteed Income?

Yessir, that’s a start.

People will get lazy.

I’d rather have that than kids getting killed by another kid, first of all, and then there are tons of people who will still do what they do, only with less anxiety, which is the goal. Don’t worry about laziness at all.

Why do you want to empower people with money? They will buy guns!

People don’t want to shoot others to death like that. You need absolute desperation and if you have money and a decent gig to cover your needs and a guaranteed good & honest life, why would you go on a killing spree? To get killed? Okay, not a great idea is it?

Right, but how do you want people to be housed? How would they stay calm?

Well, most human needs are simple to solve. Good housing, which means inexpensive and healthy, is a solved problem. So if you are in a healthy home with healthy food, and that it looks like it will never end, you don’t get mad and angry like that.

Huh. I guess. But how do we FINANCE this???

With money? Look Mr. Musk is about to buy a social network for $44B. If you divide that amount by the population of the US (326M), that’s $134,969 each.

Maybe that’s a good down payment for a house. Maybe that’s actually enough to 3D-print a whole house and “run” it. And that’s just money that is supposed to buy a gigantic pile of toxic comments in an app.

Money is what we want it to do. We have plenty of money. Far too much, apparently –inflation. Well, let’s build a future of folks growing up in optimal conditions that will allow them to behave properly. /insert priceless joke

But politically though?? How do we get everyone on board?

I mean if the now is not enough to get everyone onboard to correct the course of this country a least a little bit, I don’t know what is. But y’all keep using pettiness and ugly, low level battles to stay away from doing the real things. I’m telling you, this is all possible now. Postpone Mars, Earth. Now.

You said earlier that men are not well, how healthy housing is helping with that?

I mean by default it does help everyone. Men in America have no choice but run, and keep running. There’s almost zero contemplation time in their lives, especially 2000s youth, glued to screens. Questioning and independence are a good combo. Healthy housing would provide time for men to unlearn and unpack a whole lot of things, and for young men to learn from that, and for young kids to understand that the future will be comprehensive.

It is worth iterating on.