NBA shooting problem

May 9th, 2019 by harold

I’m impressed by the lack of shooting fundamentals with young NBA players. It’s legit insane.

That’s it. That’s the post.

Tera, the city of skulls

May 4th, 2019 by harold

This was my first RPG experience, ever.

We –my cousin and I- played this French game on my mom’s IBM PC XT. She’d just bought 2 for her freshly new independent accounting business. We played in the evening and my cousin played up late.

I still have the box goddaaaamn memories.

I just understood how unique that game was and how much it influenced my tastes. First person view? You bet. Procedurally generated gameplay? Check. Mix of fantasy, PSY powers and sci-fi? Triple check. That was almost unheard of at that time. 1986. I remember how pumped I was when we would do the “mental attack” and the IBM speaker would barf some weird square tone arpeggio while the NPCs would lose some health lmao.

Here’s the backstory, thanks to crpgaddict:

The backstory–recapped in a series of opening screenshots–sets the game on neighboring planets called Amarande the Black and Alfol. Once prosperous and unified, the planets are now torn between three factions: scientists and their technology, the religion (transcendance) of priests and vestal virgins, and sorcerers based out of the City of Skulls.

The strife seems to be the work of a demon named Aricoh and his unnamed ally. Followers of technology have entrenched themselves on Alfol, an inhospitable desert planet. The Pirates of Shaam menace the space between the two worlds. There are rumors that the priests have allied with telepathic beings made out of crystal who inhabit a parallel world called Meduz.

BRUH SPACE PIRATES. Even when I wasn’t playing the game, the backstory was just dope enough to trigger my imagination. I loved the fact that we didn’t know much. That things were rumored. That you could use a  “seduce/charm” command to get NPCs to join your squad, fly spaceships and share items. So much freedom and possibilities.

As crpgaddict notes, mapping zones was hard. I think it was one of the first exercise that developed my spatial brain like fucking crazy. I remember struggling to understand positions and movements because the game wasn’t easy on that. Later, Wolf3D and Doom would be easy for 12 year old me to navigate after that hardcore CGA bullshit.

I don’t know how, but my cousin beat that game. He leveled up and one night he went to defeat Arioch, the big boss. My mom was kind of mad because he had left the computer on all night long to show the final page –yes, the end was a page of text explaining that you were the Lord of Whatever and no, we couldn’t save or “resume” at that time-. The easy days.

What I realized earlier this week is that:

– Loriciels the publisher only released that game on MS-DOS. There’s no other version. Loriciels would release games on all platforms but very rarely on that one. That makes the game even more special.

– The developer, Grafmodcolor is unknown: 2 nicknames and that’s about it. They only made that game, apparently. More mystery, more legendary.

Chapeau bas, les gars.


May 3rd, 2019 by harold

I’m in the middle of many powerful things happening around me.

It’s been five straight years on the west coast. It’s been nuts. From working for Toni Braxton to making dope ass friends to working for the public library and meeting more awesome folks, it’s been wild. I’ve learned a lot. A lot made sense and fit what I suspected and expected. I know, that’s kind of blurry but hey, I’m here for the long haul. You should too.

A new chapter is on the horizon. Feelin’ it.

John Singleton

April 29th, 2019 by harold

I love you, man. I can’t believe this is happening, again. Black heroes who are not supposed to say goodbye that early and here we are, again.

I’ve seen most of your movies, of course. I also moved to your city and neighborhood though it wasn’t totally related to Hollywood or blackness but here I am. Re-watching Boyz hits differently now.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that you wrote and directed this movie as a barely out of film school 23 year old. Absolutely brilliant social commentary. Although gang violence decreased by a ton, nothing much has changed. Gentrification is fucking everything up. Just yesterday on a Sunday morning police handcuffing homeless folks next to a new, generic ass probably AI-generated street art piece that says “angeles elevate”. I can’t make this shit up. It makes me want to throw up.

Your work has been so important. Representation. Our angles. Yes sometimes it didn’t age well or it became a bit corny. But all in all, those movies were fine and needed. They always got me in my feelings like no other.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Dear Jack

April 28th, 2019 by harold

Since the 2016 election, it has grown increasingly clear that allowing young, mostly male technologists to build largely unregulated, proprietary,international networks might have been a large-scale, high-stakes error in judgment.

That Dorsey is now expected to find a solution to unprecedented and unforeseen problems, on a platform designed thirteen years ago for narrow and relatively innocent use cases, seems darkly comical at best—an instance of refusing to learn from our mistakes. “He’s dealing with a scale of a problem that doesn’t have a lot of precedent in human history,” a programmer friend of mine texted.

New Yorker.

1. You force-design Twitter to be all about growth.

2. Tons of people abuse those tools to get engagement and visibility.

3. You refuse to acknowledge the fact that you have a community to moderate and that it is your responsibility.

And now you play the “I didn’t see anything coming, bear with me!”. You suck, Jack.

Round1Game7 part II

April 28th, 2019 by harold

It was an awful game. Losing by four in the last game of a series against the second seed is not too bad.

But it wasn’t on. See y’all next year.


April 26th, 2019 by harold

LaMarcus Aldridge. This man doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

Before the Spurs he was an automatic turret from midrange. He was slow and had no presence in the paint.

He’s still an automatic turret from midrange but now he’s not slow at all. He dunks, he lays it up with his left hand, he blocks, he runs so much back and forth. The effort he’s giving the Spurs is fantastic. And, he rarely misses his free throws, an outstanding feature for someone his size.

DeMar is also not getting enough love. 9 of 10 last night in the second half. Hey, sometimes those shots don’t fall but when they do godddaaaaamn it’s beautiful. Nothing but net fade away jumper is the best shit in basketball.

This game 7 is going to be good because the Spurs have been pretty bad on the road this year. They can get this one. The Nuggets are good but fragile. They rely a lot on three-point shooting and at home with all that pressure? They’re hard to make. If the Spurs overcome, I think they have a great chance to go to the WCF because they mismatch Portland in many ways. And LaMarcus always goes ham over his ex team.


Before I let go

April 25th, 2019 by harold

I adore Maze and Frankie Beverly.

I was in France, listening to as much black music as possible. Just going through CDs at the library. There was this Maze best-of and every single song was a hit to me. It was the late nineties and no one cared about Maze and Frankie Beverly, in France or in the US.

Those sweet bass lines. That straight simplicity. Those dope ass breaks. That silky voice. MAN

I listened to Maze a lot. I felt that their music was so good, it was probably inter-generational. That is, everyone from any age probably enjoyed that band. That feeling was real because yes, it was the case.

I learned fifteen years later how important it was in black family reunions. I slow danced over Joy & Pain with kids to aunties and grandmas a few times. It filled me with joy and pain to live what I had imagined.

And then it became a bit of a meme (cookout and before I let go; the iconic duo). And now Beyoncé covered it.

Maze never hit mainstream. It’s just too pretty, too soft and too soulful I guess.

How a 50 year old band has never and will never go (away). Timelessness. I love that.

You know I’m right

April 22nd, 2019 by harold

No one can see the difference between upscale 720p, 1080p, 4K or 8K. If you can, you’re lying. And if you’re not lying, the difference is so minimal that it really doesn’t matter. 4K and 8K are completely foolish because no one’s vision is getting better with time and it puts an insane strain on infrastructure. Stupid.

You buy wireless earbuds for $160-$200 that you will lose within a year. You can buy professional wired headphones for less than a $100 and use those for decades. You want to save the planet? Get on the winning team, hoe.

You can fill a 1TB hard drive with music and you still wouldn’t have listened to that album in twenty years. 1TB holds about one thousand albums at very high audio quality (uncompressed). You’ll probably never will go through a thousand albums in your life. And 1TB is dirt cheap. Less than 10TB will be enough for your entire life, for everything.

No one looks at your 4000*3000+ pixels pictures. We look at 800*600 pixels viewports, probably worse on IG and mobile apps. Phone pictures these days are so processed they don’t even look real at all. It’s a regression.


It fascinates me that we have arrived at such a plateau with technology. We can’t possibly do much better. We’ve maxed out our physical sensors. We already have all the convenience in the world. Isn’t it awesome?

Our mission now is to chill. And use that tech to do better, of course.

what is this

April 22nd, 2019 by harold

What makes these issues worse is that the patches themselves aren’t meaningful. Apex Legends has only had about three total balance patches or adjustments outside of bug fixes and almost all of them have been nerfs. Two months after release, Apex has added just one new character and one new gun. Fortnite’s v8.10 patch had three major balance changes, reworked the game’s vending machines — an important way to get loot — and added a new vehicle along with reworked animations for healing.

1. Journalists have so much bad faith. I know, it’s business. That’s also why that career means less than ever.

2. Making multiplayer, fast-paced computer games with millions of people playing through a large variety of machine is an insanely complex task. Respawn is a small developer to tackle this and they’re doing amazing. That’s why they’re going slow. Focused.

3. The race to bottomless content is unrealistic and stupid: first it’s not economically sustainable, even for Epic. Second, pushing for novelty as incentive to do anything is so bad for culture and game culture! You can enjoy something that’s been cooked days ago. A music album that’s 21 years old. An 800-year-old cathedral. But not with computer games. We have to stop this.

4. The battle for audience and the winner-takes-all approach that everyone looks forward to, is our demise. Every. Single. Time.

It’s exhausting, that’s what it is.