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Tech mess

It’s impossible to describe what it feels like to hear about that thing, Twitter, once you’re completely off of it.

I read this headline: “Former Disney CEO Bob Iger says the company found that “a substantial portion” of Twitter’s users were “not real”, when Disney considered buying Twitter in 2016”

And I’m thinking “well yeah; it’s full of nonsense and clout bots lol” while the tech crowd is *actually* pondering if it’s really full of fake users or not in 2022 LMAO.

What are you all doing

Meanwhile I’m looking for something in my YouTube history, where search is utter shit (it’s Google so that makes sense right?), and I couldn’t find it. Thankfully I had kept that tab open since early 2021.


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The West is not good at marketing

Looking at the world today and how the West behaves, I wish we had been ferociously selling our lifestyles instead of imposing fake views of purity, meritocracy and whatnot.

Imagine the message to the world:

“We like how we live here, free to do any kind of activity. Mostly enjoying life!”

“Women and men and lgbtq+ all together, no pressure, just vibes!”

“We focus on maintaining a fair society, as it only makes our society better: everyone can go ahead and become the best at what they want. They will be supported!”

“Yes, we have legalized everything but we’re not stupid; we maintain moderation!”

“We live together, in our own respective lanes. Sometimes we intersect, sometimes we don’t. It’s all good!”

Etc. Basically a propaganda of collaboration, pleasure and “if you try to beat our asses, we still have nuclear heads and missiles ksksksks” type of warning.

I think that would have worked much better than *waves at whatever the hell is happening in international politics since WWII*

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Turning Red

It was so great! OMG.

Abby cracked me up so much. They absolutely nailed voice over and rhythm and cuteness and 13 year old energy and eye technology and etc.

Onward, Soul and Luca were SO whiny, I was scared. Turning Red is like that apple sour candy, it makes you smile and gets you excited just because. Kind of like OG Toy Story.

Despite a very classic theme, it’s just awesome. Is it a coincidence that the first fresh Pixar movie in ages is the first one lead and directed by a team of women? I don’t think it is.

Domee Shi and your team? I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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Mr. Maslow is gassing me up

For instance, to take the first dichotomy that I had trouble with, I couldn’t decide whether my subjects were selfish or unselfish. But I was forced by sheer pressure of fact to give up this Aristotelian style of logic. My subjects were very unselfish in one sense and very selfish in another sense. and the two fused together, not like incompatibles, but rather in a sensible, dynamic unity or synthesis very much like what Fromm has described in his classical paper on healthy selfishness. My subjects had put opposites together in such a way as to make me realize that regarding selfishness and unselfishness as contradictory and mutually exclusive is itself characteristic of a lower level of personality development.

Abraham H Maslow on Creativeness in “Toward a Psychology of Being” p 139

This is spot on and I am subjects? Don’t be too hard on yourself, sir. He goes on:

These same people, the strongest egos ever described and the most definitely individual, were also precisely the ones who could be most easily ego-less, self-transcending, and problem-centered.

I’m not going to say that’s me like that but uh, it kind of is? I feel like doing the switch daily, constantly. I just think that it’s healthy and efficient. It’s always about balance.

In trying to figure out why all this was so, it seemed to me that much of it could be traced back to the relative absence of fear in my subjects.

Again, quite spot on.

What I am saying in effect is that the creativity of my subjects seemed to be an epiphenomenon of their greater wholeness and integration, which is what self-acceptance implies.

I like that, Mr. Maslow. It fits my whole life 100%. It’s kind of great and wild to read in one sentence.

The civil war within the average person between the forces of the inner depths and the forces of defense and control seems to have been resolved in my subjects and they are less split. As a consequence, more of themselves is available for use, for enjoyment and for creative purposes. They waste less of their time and energy protecting themselves against themselves.

YESSIR. But as for everything worth it, it is a constant effort.

Oh by the way, there’s no pyramid of needs. It’s all a flat hierarchy. I’ll come back to this.

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The 2022 Las Vegas Aces

I don’t know how this playoff run is going to end, but the 2022 Las Vegas Aces can run a train on me. Anytime.

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Digital detox, let’s get it

Alright, digital DE-TOX mfs:

  • No more apps on phones. Texts, emails on read-only, calls, photos. That’s it.

  • Obviously, no notifications ever.

  • No phone around after 8pm and before 10am. Just don’t fucking touch it.

  • Laptop/desktop for everything you need to do. Do the tasks, level up, close the laptop/desktop.

  • Stay on the open web as much as possible. Bookmark. Manage your reading. RSS FTW.

  • Use your bank web portal and shut up (I know, they often suck but no apps on phones, jfc).

  • No TV and no screen bigger than 24/27inches. They swallow your soul. Stop using them.

  • Get books, use your library card. Turn pages, hear the sound.

  • Listen to offline music; fill up drives with mp3 files. Buy a cheap Sandisk player.

  • Share, write, publish online. It can be anything, text, videos, music. And then move on.

  • Talk to people of all ages. Have conversations. Get out and go to events. Share.

  • Take your time. Allow yourself to do nothing. Quiet your mind now and then. Close your eyes.

Mobile computing fragments our attention like crazy. Use phones *way* less. Fight this shit. I did.

I never went all-in on phones and notifications and IG and whatever. After a decade, I see that I’m the only one with the mental ability to completely ignore a ding or a red dot on a screen. And that’s fucking scary because I realize that y’all’s attention span is very weak.

A very large attention span deficit –inability to focus on what needs to be done- coupled with gerrymandering, unfocused rage and a wild pandemic? Yup, that’s the sinking world we’re in. We can change.

Please detox. For your own health, your goddamn kids’ future and for democracy’s old ass. ‘ppreciate it.

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I have no chill

I was more thinking 70s muscle cars, but okay. The Goku one at the bottom left cracks me up.

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Stone House

I dislike the glacial interior, but the outside is quite remarkable.

The idea that we can renovate ruins and make them cozy, is great.

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Kowloon Walled City

Watched this little documentary about the walled city. It’s pretty wild.

No wonder why it was romanticized in the past 20 years.

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Western parts, sksksksks


The world is global since WWII, we’re interdependent to no end, and mfers are still not comprehending.

I see folks online treating China like it’s an enemy, you mean the enemy that builds everything for this country since 1995 and owns such a big chunk of the US debt that it would economically be suicidal for them to do anything against America?

Yeah, that’s not an enemy. That’s a partner.