Care bear


Watched the main dude Dave Chappelle’s last stand-up online. There’s a bit on Care Bears and it got me triggered. Talkin ‘bout youngsters:

It’s easy to not care for you,

but for us, we’ve been TRAINED to care. We were raised that way.

I think my/his generation –Gen X- should be way more vocal. It feels like it’s the only generation that gets mad at or doesn’t give a fuck about the right things, at the right time. Everybody else: y’all are off.

We talk about LGBT rights, older people freak the fuck out. We cool. We talk about not being a sheep, younger people don’t get it. We cool.

It comes down to living through those super pivotal 70-00s years man. Look at it this way: we were babies when computers were basically rooms, at 20 we had Playstations hooked up on TVs and at 30, we got smartphones. We have lived Change like no other. Going from landline with operators to Skype and shit, we know how to pace ourselves. We know how to be patient. We love to be positive and confident. We can be cold as fuck and very cynical but it’s because we like realness and ultimately, we always care.

I had a Care Bear, the brown one. I loved that lil dude.

Gen X was raised after WWII, after reconstruction, when families were like “now: you guys need to build a better world. Benetton ads “We Are The World” and all that shit, go on son.” Greed decided otherwise. We forgot that people were living for a much longer time than before now and that they also would keep the blanket and not really give a damn about the rest of us because they’re fearful little bitches. Which is why some of us became fearful little bitches too, and almost as gross as the Boomers. It’s a mess.

Humans ain’t shit but that’s all we have. Us. Not even together, it seems. Weird! Makes sense!

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