Native Soft

It’s a weird time for software too. Take the example of audio listening. I haven’t changed anything in many moons. Same Foobar, same interface since forever. Same keyboard shortcuts since Winamp 2, 17 years ago at least. ’bar can play absolutely anything. No new type of audio files since forever and we probably will never need new ones.

Technically there’s really nothing to add. the piece of code is probably as efficient and stable as possible already. It deals with absurd sizes of content, way bigger than I ever will be able to remember. They released a version 20 days ago, fixing a bunch of minor and ultra specific stuff. That’s it.

Witnessing the actual stop of growth, iteration needs for main software –audio, video, word processing- but also creative software –pro audio, image processing, 3D- is an interesting time because software always has been connected to “the future of” and now it’s really the past. It feels like the past 10 years were like, “hold on, maybe we can improve those?” and now it’s like “OK, not really man”. Only game engines and real time-procedural-whatever still have quite some room to grow and mature.

Having said that, I still can see where the UI could be more unified and streamlined. Fuck floating windows.

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