Architecture time, bitches!

So maybe you missed that stuff and a Russian company with American funds made that and these days Russia and the US… Anyway, it’s a 3D printed small house proof of concept (38m²/400 square feet) made in 24 hours. About $10K. They have a great post over there on specs etc.

It’s more magic than magic to me.

Some thoughts:

– Sci-Fi designers, get on this shit. Stop doing the same annoying huge ass towers since Blade Runner, be creative, fuck shit up, create cool looking neighborhoods with those. Create stories around the fact that we can print houses, I don’t know.  Make. It. Legit.

– The shape is weird you say? You’re right but the best shape insulation-wise are circles and curves. 2nd best is square. Then it’s downhill and bad. L-shape house? Awful. Rectangle? I guess that kind of works.

– The wall are empty and can be filled with whatever. I’d choose hemp. Actually if they could find a mix of concrete+hemp for the printer’s ink, that would be so dope.

– So let’s say we double the surface, which would make it around 80m². A tad small still but at 100m² you have everything you need for a small family. People trip all the time on having a big house but it sucks, in a lots of ways. A small house is where it’s at.

I can’t wait to print mine. Pretty sure regulations, zoning and laws will slow the hell out of that amazing progress though.

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