I’m all for the Spurs because:

– It’s the home of international folks and immigrants. In Texas. That’s weird and I like that.

– it’s my brother from Paris Tony Parker’s home.

– They put the D in Defense. Pretty much the only team that will come at every single shot taken, and try to block it. Watch them, it’s unreal. Every. Single. One. Danny Green is a nightmare, I wouldn’t like to play against him.

– They grind and out grind other teams. They can play a full game with a 1 point difference and you can be sure that they will stay focused and win. If they lose it’s because well sometimes, you have bad luck or a dumb ass referee.

– Kawhi. I remember watching him on the bench being shy and shit, I thought he had so much potential. He exploded. First, top notch defender. Then, he got good at 3s. Last year he had issues with dribbling, this year he’s BALLING. I’m noticing now that he’s working on his left hand a lot. The dude is updating his game faster than your apps and devices.

– The Spurs are the only team that will beat the shit out of Lebron’s without thinking about it. They lost in 2013 to him and it wasn’t because of him. He’s almost a non-factor to them, which is unreal.

I think Greg Popovich and Tony Parker played mind games all season, making everyone believe that Tony couldn’t score anymore so that during the playoffs, he would and that would be a disaster for other teams.

Professional teams know positions, techniques. To win, you need an extra factor. It can be an absurdly good 3pt shooting like the Warriors or Rockets or it can be something else, like a point guard scoring when he spent the entire year passing the ball. That’s why I like watching Kyle “Frame by Frame” Anderson at the Spurs. You never know what he’s going to do. Dude is random as fuck –in a good way- and that screws up other teams. J Simmons is the same. It’s so good to see. Pop is so damn good. 

That’s why the Cavs, defendant champions are in trouble: they are predictable as hell. We know who will shoot the ball three passes earlier. We know they can’t do well without Lebron. It’s going to be rough for them to get to the finals, the East is thirsty. The Warriors have become a lot more unpredictable this season and that’s scary for my Spurs but San Antonio is I think even more scarier, they have d e p t h (and no pressure like the Warriors have). The bench is dope and they have the best mix of veterans and young bloods IMO. Hopefully the WCF is those two teams going at it. It’s gonna be LIT.

Tony, you know it’s the last time you can maybe get a sixth title. I wish I could send you some muscles or a third lung because I feel like, it’s doable. It’s doable son. GO SPURS.

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