Dave pls

“Get a blog. If your ideas have any value put them on the open web. Facebook is trying to kill it. Trust me you will hate yourself if they succeed. Same with Google.“


It’s 2017. For years you played dumb with Facebook and Google, acting like they would not just try to kill everything that is on their path to lucrative margins. They’re companies, of course they’d suffocate RSS and the open web! You are a developer, you lived the 90s with MS, you are one of the very first blogger and you couldn’t see that coming? I don’t believe that.

I want the same as you: people independently owning their own spaces online, sharing their thoughts. And for that we can’t be whiny for a decade, we need to bring up actual solutions. Allow me to be blunt: no one cares, not even a second about technical detail. It’s a classic issue: developer gets so worked up with his/her own software, she/he forgets what the goal of those pieces of code are. We need a blogging solution, a full package now. For everyone, not the three friends who like to set up software on a server.

People type, record stuff on their phones or laptops and want to put it online and get it done quickly. That’s the Facebook lesson. No user should care about the backend, that’s the hosting companies and nerds problem. No user should care about syntax to format text, bring familiar GUI, allow people to flow.

Users need to be able to:

– buy/lease online space.

– produce and share anything they want, from paragraphs to live streaming.

– be able to archive and move to another online space with their stuff whenever they want.

All that in a few clicks. There are no other way. The other way is called “stay behind a private walled garden” because people are intellectually lazy and also, it just works. *opportunity shows up*

We need those tools now and yesterday: 10 year old kids today only know walled gardens and don’t understand the importance of the open web. Let’s go devs!

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