Technology nitro-boost


Earliest estimation for computers to beat humans at Go was 2027. It was done by 2015. Two years later, not only computers can beat the best Go players in the world but it’s done with ten times less power. Last month the games were close but ultimately the machine won and probably would forever. AlphaGo is retiring.

It’s very difficult to grasp what Google learned here but it’s probably prodigious. Damn.

Other news, they just announced 5nm process ready for chips, which is a staggering achievement. That’s 3 times smaller than the current 14nm top of the line, still pretty rare. We cram 5 billion transistors in current chips, we will be able to go for 30B in a few years. That’s a lot of computing power guys, I try to imagine it. I can’t. I think it will be enough for machines to take over everything. Of course, there’s more innovation –that we don’t know yet- to come. I mean.

Your kids will not have any jobs. You should probably not have kids and if you do, don’t be surprised if they basically become Wall-E’s humans. They won’t leave their VR headsets and will cry when not getting an achievement for putting their socks on.

Brace yourself, it’s coming.

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