It don’t matter if you have no defense

People always are realizing after game 1 of the NBA finals that basketball is a team sport.

The finals are always about defense.

That’s something Cleveland is not so great at. Yeah yeah last year bla bla but it was the exception, not the norm. The odds are not in this happening again.

After those playoffs and the circlejerk around LeBron I was curious and watched some of those old 90s WCF/ECF. Boy. Those playoffs have everything: 3-5pt  game until the last second, fans loosing their entire shit when a player hits ONE three, bricks thrown at, hands in the face everywhere… Look at the ‘93 ECSF Knicks VS Bulls in 6 games. Games were exciting and it really feels like the Bulls –who seem so invincible in our memory- were not doing so well. they had to fight damn hard to get to the finals. I remember reading magazines thinking “that big New York dude, Ewing, he might win it all this year” except it never happened. Because it’s a team sport and one dude or two isn’t enough.

People forget that aspect. MJ was showing up on both ends of the floor then Pippen would too then Grant would too and so forth.

This is what is happening right now with the Warriors. It’s not about individual stats and one guy doing everything, it’s about the actual teamwork and communication and all about adapting to the opponent. And they’re damn good at this. Spurs in 6 tho I don’t care.

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