Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach a few weeks ago. Photo by my dear Janet.

It’s when I noticed that homeless people all have better shoes than I do that I felt anxiety going up a bit. On that beach day I saw a pair of Jordan’s by the thrash cans and wanted to pick them up. No judging.

Colin Kaepernick is on GQ’s cover but my brothas are disappearing. They’re around, I see them, have them on the phone, text them. We have a bowl, a drink, talking politics and sports. And one day poof, gone. Nothing for days, which become months. There’s something terrifying in having your peers, your friends vanishing in a 24/7 connected world. Anxiety going up a bit more. Black men are really not doing well. We’re hiding it in plain sight. Stay strong, brother. Don’t forget to close your eyes and to stretch that body, it helps.

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