Numbers this year

350+: days riding my bike.

1500+: miles on my bike.

2: flat tires. I didn’t get any flat for two years (world record beaten) and got two in the past two months.

10,000+: shots taken on the basketball field at Rodeo/MLK. 50% swishes. I mean, almost.

365+: hours playing bass.

600+: people I helped with their computers at the library. 98% black, 65% black women.

1billion: job emails sent.

5: job interviews (in person, on Skype, sound design test) I got.

1: part time job secured.

1: car bought.

91: sessions of audio design, music production, foley etc.

3.4: gigabytes of 24bit/96kHz recordings I did around.

1: GDC I went to.

3: neighborhood councils I showed up to.

40+: kilos of tuna I have ingested.

48,332: words written for a book.

0: cigarettes smoked. Okay, I did have two puffs on one last weekend but it didn’t even register. It fascinates me how nothing matters once drunk after 2am. Maybe I should do that more than once a year. Maybe not.

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