It’s going to be Utah VS Houston. Best defense VS best offense.

Donovan Mitchell is the man. Beautiful talent and scoop layups. One thing the Jazz and the Pacers are showing: basketball is a team sport. You win as a team. OKC and Cleveland didn’t deserve to go further. Maybe the Cavs will on Sunday but the truth is that they shouldn’t: That game 5 with LeBron scoring almost everything for them was the most boring game I’ve ever seen. Just awful. The Pacers play well, together and beat them by 34 in game 6 while they always lost by 2 or 3 this series. They should advance to the semi. Facts.

Meanwhile my Spurs are gone (but played well) so I root for the Pels. It’s going to be a rough series for the Warriors, especially for Draymond Green in the paint. I can’t wait to see Jrue clamp Klay because Klay has been fatal to San Antonio.

A Pelicans VS Sixers finals would be awesome.

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