How things loop

I got my bike wheels and saddle stolen at work. Security guard was off.

Motherfuckers were in the library before doing it so we have them on 15 different cameras.

Police will get all that. They will passively track them. The thieves are probably in the system already. If not, now they are.

Being in the police system for 2 beat up bike wheels and a cute saddle is dumb.

But maybe they needed the $40 they’ll get for them. I know what’s like to wait for that kind of money, sadly.

If I had a better bike I wouldn’t leave it outside. But if I had a better bike, I probably wouldn’t work there. Or if buying new wheels and saddle were nothing, I wouldn’t work there either and so my bike would still be complete.

Systems loop. Thieves keep staying poor and in trouble. Broke people keep staying broke. And doing fine people keep not understanding.

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